Deutsche Bank Joins JPMorgan’s Crypto Payments Network

2019-09-16 20:02:09

JPMorgan's blockchain-based interbank payments initiative, IIN, has added Deutsche Bank as its latest member, bringing the total to 320 banks.

$250K Bitcoin Price Prediction Is Now 'Conservative,' Says Tim Draper

2019-09-16 19:18:04

Tim Draper now thinks that his own prediction that price will hit $250,000 by 2022 may be understati...

Bitcoin’s Record Hash Rate May Hint at Price Gains to Come

2019-09-16 19:09:07

Bitcoin's latest bout of consolidation may end up with bullish breakout, as a key metric of miner confidence has hit all-time highs.

Joe Lubin: Only Conceptions of Bitcoin and Ethereum Were 'Immaculate'

2019-09-16 19:09:15

Ethereum’s Joe Lubin says only Bitcoin and Ethereum’s conceptions can be said to have been “immacula...

OKEX Korea Drops 5 Privacy Coins Citing FATF Rules

2019-09-16 18:09:17

The Korean arm of the exchange has dropped support for privacy-enhancing cryptocurrencies including monero, zcash and dash.

Turkey’s Biggest Football Club Galatasaray Launches Ethereum Fan Token

2019-09-16 17:45:27

Turkish Football Club Galatasaray Spor Kulübü plans is launching an Ethereum-based fan token followi...

HTC’s Blockchain Phone Now Supports Bitcoin Cash

2019-09-16 17:36:13

Native support for bitcoin cash is coming to HTC's blockchain phone via a partnership with

Bitcoin Is a Hedge Against Gov’t ‘Fiscal Irresponsibility’ — Analyst

2019-09-16 17:36:08

“Crypto has been created for such a time as this,” says Point72 veteran Travis Kling...

US Sanctions Three Alleged Crypto Hacking Groups from North Korea

2019-09-16 16:09:11

The U.S. Treasury mentioned cryptocurrency thefts as one of the reasons for the action against the Lazarus Group, Bluenoroff and Andariel.

PayPal: ‘A Lot of Work’ Still Needs to Happen for Libra to Become Real

2019-09-16 16:36:05

PayPal reportedly cautious about the fate of Facebook’s planned stablecoin Libra...

Report: OKEx Delisting Monero, Dash, Privacy-Cryptos Over FATF Demands

2019-09-16 15:45:19

FATF rules start to bite as privacy coins disappear from OKEx...

Binance CEO: Bitcoin Futures Platform ‘SAFU’ After Attack False Alarm

2019-09-16 15:27:07

Binance futures attack was an accident, says CZ...

Neufund Gets Nod from Liechtenstein Regulator for Token Offerings

2019-09-16 14:01:39

With minimum ticket sizes as low as 10 euro, Neufund says it's bringing capital markets to the people.

Queensland’s Real Estate Institute to Launch Blockchain Tenancy Platform

2019-09-16 14:09:09

Queensland’s REIQ and tech startup Igloo announce a blockchain-based tenancy agreement platform...

Bitcoin Mining Power Hits New High as Half a Million New ASICs Go Online

2019-09-16 12:02:29

The computing power dedicated to mining bitcoin has hit yet another new high, suggesting that as many as 600,000 machines have come online since June.

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Report: Philippine Police Raid Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam, Arrest 277

2019-09-16 07:02:22

Philippine authorities have reportedly arrested 277 Chinese nationals that were working at an allege...

Germany’s Largest Bank Joins JPMorgan’s Blockchain Network

2019-09-16 05:27:22

Deutsche Bank joins JPMorgan’s blockchain-based platform IIN, expanding the network up to 320 member...

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