Tim Draper Is Bullish On Argentina’s Blockchain Tech Potential

2019-06-26 09:18:06

Draper and the Argentinian president bet that bitcoin would overtake the peso. He might be right.

Bitcoin’s Share of $350 Billion Crypto Market Highest Since 2017

2019-06-26 08:36:09

Bitcoin has done it again, reaching new heights in 2019 amid strong market dominance, to climb as high as $11,728, before retracing slightly back below.

Square Is Expanding Access to Bitcoin Deposits for Cash App Users

2019-06-26 05:45:20

Square is rolling out bitcoin deposits for its Cash App, supplementing the buy, sell and transfer options.

Germany: CDU and CSU Union to Integrate Blockchain Into Public Services

2019-06-26 05:09:10

German CDU and CSU Union proposes the deployment of blockchain tech in public services...

Europol Arrests Six People Allegedly Behind $27 Million Bitcoin Theft

2019-06-26 04:54:16

Europol has arrested 6 individuals arrested in connection with a multimillion dollar theft with auth...

Kraken Raises Over $13 Million In Its Latest Fundraising Round

2019-06-26 03:54:08

Crypto exchange Kraken has raised $13.5 million from 2264 investors in its latest fundraising round...

Ex-Trump Economist Joins ‘Crypto Central Bank’ After Failed Fed Bid

2019-06-26 03:54:17

Decentral aims to perform similar monetary functions for cryptocurrencies as the Federal Reserve does for the U.S. economy.

US CFTC Approves LedgerX’s Application for Designation As Contract Market

2019-06-26 02:54:12

The CFTC has approved U.S.-based regulated crypto derivatives platform LedgerX’s operation as a desi...

SEC Begins Accepting Public Comments on ETF Backed by Bitcoin and T-Bills

2019-06-26 02:27:11

The SEC has kicked off a public comment period for a proposed ETF backed by bitcoin and T-bills.

Republic of Abkhazia Develops Law Draft on Crypto Mining

2019-06-26 02:36:11

Abkhazia’s Ministry of Economy has approved a bill on crypto mining and sent it to the Cabinet of Mi...

Minnesota House Bill Aims to Outlaw Cryptocurrency Donations

2019-06-26 02:18:07

Four Democratic House Representatives want to outlaw crypto donations to politicians.

Bitcoin’s Price Rises Above €10K in First Since January 2018

2019-06-26 02:18:07

Bitcoin's price topped €10,000 on Tuesday, hitting the highest level seen since late January 2018.

Iranian Government to Cut Off Power to Crypto Mining Until Approval of New Energy Prices

2019-06-26 01:36:05

Iran plans to cut off power to crypto mining until new energy prices are approved, an official at Ir...

Samourai Wallet Releases Privacy-Enhancing CoinJoin Feature

2019-06-26 01:01:06

The new feature is easy to activate but may be difficult to execute at scale.

Walmart China Will Track Food in Supply Chain with Vechain's Thor Blockchain

2019-06-26 00:27:22

Walmart China to monitor fresh food progress through the supply chain using Vechain’s Thor blockchai...

Synthetix Reverses Oracle Error-Caused Misplaced sETH in Exchange for a Bug Bounty

2019-06-26 00:27:22

Following a recent oracle issue, Synthetix will reverse the misplaced 37 million synthetic ether in ...

Bitcoin Startup Lolli Looks to Global Expansion With Hotels.com Partnership

2019-06-26 00:18:04

The bitcoin rewards app Lolli is going global in 2019, starting with the travel industry.

You Can Now Get Bitcoin Rewards When Booking at Hotels.Com

2019-06-26 00:27:23

Bitcoin rewards application Lolli adds Hotels.com as a new partner, allowing users to earn bitcoin f...

CFTC Approves LedgerX to Settle Futures in Real Bitcoin

2019-06-25 23:18:12

LedgerX just got the green light from the CFTC to offer physically settled bitcoin futures to retail investors.

Synthetix Trader Rolls Back Broken Trades That Netted $1 Billion Profit

2019-06-25 23:18:12

A rogue API caused Synthetix pricing to go wild. A bot profited, but the bot owner rolled back the trades.