Alipay Denounces Bitcoin OTC Trading: Regulatory ‘Gray Area’ in China

2019-10-19 21:36:17

Despite the 2017 crypto trading ban, high-volume Bitcoin exchange is still possible in China via OTC...

HTC’s Latest Blockchain Phone Can Run a Full Bitcoin Node

2019-10-19 21:02:09

The Taiwanese electronics giant has launched the Exodus 1s phone with a built-in hardware wallet and the ability to support a bitcoin node.

Blockchain Voting is Vulnerable to Hacking and Low-Quality Data: Research

2019-10-19 20:54:15

Some major issues must be resolved before blockchain voting becomes trustworthy, according to a new...

SEC’s Court Hearing on Telegram Token Delayed Till Next Year

2019-10-19 20:45:43

The messaging app company and the SEC will now meet next February to debate the regulator's claim the gram token is a security.

Ripple’s XRP Sales Down 73% in Q3 Compared to Previous Quarter

2019-10-19 17:01:56

Ripple’s XRP sales are down 73.66% in Q3 2019...

Crypto Derivatives: On Misleading Measurements

2019-10-19 16:09:04

Noelle Acheson shows how using notional volumes to compare derivatives markets to spot is misleading – but, for now, it’s all we’ve got.

NY District Court Postpones Telegram’s TON Hearing to 2020

2019-10-19 14:18:05

New York District Court postpones Telegram’s TON hearing to 2020...

G20 Finance Leaders: Stablecoins Present Serious Regulatory Risks

2019-10-19 13:18:07

The G20 nations agree that global stablecoins present serious public policy and regulatory risks...

Crypto Markets Turn Red Once Again, Bitcoin Price Hovers Under $8K

2019-10-19 08:18:07

Bitcoin is trading below $8,000 and suffering from more downward selling pressure...

Fidelity Investments Fully Rolls Out Crypto Custody Service, Exec Says

2019-10-19 07:18:09

Fidelity Investments is fully rolling out its crypto custody business, according to the firm’s CEO...

Jamie Dimon About Libra: ‘A Neat Idea That Will Never Happen’

2019-10-19 07:18:09

Jamie Dimon spoke about Facebook’s Libra stablecoin and highlighted JPMorgan’s JPM Coin in a speech ...

Fidelity Digital Assets Opens to All Qualified Investors

2019-10-19 06:27:18

Fidelity Digital Asset Services is rolling out its custody and trading platform to all qualified clients, after initially expecting it to launch in March.

Kik Messaging App Now Has New Owner, Will Continue Work on Kin Token

2019-10-19 05:54:22

Kik messaging app has a new owner that is optimistic about the future of the platform’s Kin token...

With 18 Million Bitcoins Mined, How Hard Is That 21 Million Limit?

2019-10-19 05:18:04

The 18 millionth bitcoin is about to be mined. Though the remaining 3 million will take 120 years to mint, some question the certainty of the original hard cap.

Craig Wright: Either I’m Satoshi Nakamoto, or He Plagiarized Me

2019-10-19 04:54:24

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright has claimed that Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto pl...

Dollar Deposits On Binance.US Now Have FDIC Insurance Coverage

2019-10-19 04:27:10

U.S. dollar deposits on Binance.US are now eligible for FDIC insurance coverage up to $250,000 per d...

FATF Joins BIS In Calling Stablecoins ‘Global Risk,’ Citing Money Laundering Concerns

2019-10-19 03:45:23

Stablecoins pose a money laundering and terrorist financing risk to the world, the FATF said Friday.

Two More US Jurisdictions Launch Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting

2019-10-19 03:36:10

Two Oregon counties will run a blockchain-based, mobile voting pilot for their special elections in ...

Kik Sells Messaging App, Reaffirms Kin Crypto Integration

2019-10-19 03:18:14

Kik has sold its messaging business to a holding company called MediaLab but plans to continue enabling Kin on the platform

Price Analysis 18/10: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XLM, LEO

2019-10-19 03:18:09

Bitcoin is poised for a decisive move which could drop its price to $6,000 or spark a rally to $10,0...