Could Donald Trump Ban Bitcoin?

2019-07-20 16:54:12

He can try, argues Noelle Acheson – but the risk he might succeed is outweighed by the benefits of the heightened conversation.

Full House: Crypto Cards Show a Strong Hand in 2019

2019-07-20 16:27:13

Entrepreneurs set their sights on crypto debit cards: “Cryptocurrencies are going to revolutionize p...

KPGM to Work With Microsoft, Tomia and R3 on Blockchain Telecom Solutions

2019-07-20 10:18:03

KPGM announces work with Microsoft, Tomia and R3 on a blockchain solution for inefficient settlement...

Chiliz to Provide Official Crypto of Football Club AS Rome via Socios

2019-07-20 08:45:19

Chiliz has revealed that AS Roma is joining Socios to launch AS Roma fan tokens...

Indian Minister: No Official Ban on Cryptocurrencies in India Yet

2019-07-20 08:27:12

India’s Minister of State for Finance says no law currently prohibits using crypto in the country, a...

Energy Company E.ON Files Blockchain Patent for Data Analytics Device

2019-07-20 07:18:14

Energy company E.ON is developing a device to let customers selectively collect and sell their data,...

Bitcoin Dominance Growing — What It Could Mean for Altcoins

2019-07-20 06:09:07

Will altcoins be able to recover from the crypto winter or are the naysayers right in saying the alt...

Token Startup Founder Took Steps to Sue Lubin, ConsenSys for $13 Million

2019-07-20 05:36:17

The former head of a ConsenSys-incubated startup filed paperwork to sue the venture studio and its founder, Joe Lubin.

St. Louis Fed Chief Pessimistic on Crypto as Non-Uniform Currency

2019-07-20 05:18:12

St. Louis Fed Chief presents that non-uniformity in currency historically received poorly, noting th...

Global Accounting Firm KPMG Partners with Microsoft, R3 on Telecoms Blockchain

2019-07-20 05:18:10

KPMG is piloting a way to handle massive amounts of telecom data prior to the full implementation of 5G service. They're trying blockchain.

European Central Bank Policymaker Says Stablecoins Not Cause for Alarm

2019-07-20 04:45:17

ECB’s governing council Jens Weidmann says that while stablecoins offer opportunities for prosperity...

Price Analysis 19/07: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, BNB, EOS, BSV, TRX, XLM

2019-07-20 04:27:09

What are the critical levels to watch for on the upside that will signal a change in trend? Let’s lo...

Oil Markets Could Save 30% With Blockchain, Data Gumbo CEO Says

2019-07-20 03:45:24

Global oil operators can save at least 30% by using blockchain, CEO of blockchain startup Data Gumbo...

Major Crypto Markets Report Mixed Signals, Gold Slightly Fell

2019-07-20 03:45:25

Bitcoin hovers above $10,000, while other crypto assets are experiencing moderate gains and losses...

‘Samsung Coin’ Trademark Filing Unaffiliated With Samsung

2019-07-20 03:27:07

Samsung says that it was not involved in mysterious individual Kim Nam-jin’s filing for the trademar...

R3 Taps Software Sales Vet to ‘Evangelize’ Paid Version of Corda

2019-07-20 04:18:13

R3 has hired software sales pro Cathy Minter as chief revenue officer to grow the user base for its paid DLT product, Corda Enterprise.

Privacy-Focused Coin Zcash Forks Into New Blockchain Network Ycash

2019-07-20 01:36:19

Ycash forked off Zcash blockchain at block height 570,000 and is independent from both the Electric ...

Ex-CEO of BTC-e Exchange’s Spin-Off WEX Is Arrested in Italy

2019-07-20 01:36:19

Former CEO of now-defunct crypto exchange WEX, a spin-off of controversial BTC-e exchange, was arres...

Tether’s Trouble With New York Attorney General — Will Crypto Cope?

2019-07-20 01:09:03

Bitfinex has allegedly operated in New York, but it and Tether could survive their fight against the...

BlackRock CEO: We Don’t Need Libra, We Need Te

2019-07-19 23:18:19

To reduce fees in cross-border transactions, the world does not need Libra, but technology, BlackRoc...