Indian Parliament Will Not Consider Total Crypto Ban in Winter Session

2019-11-15 22:36:11

The Indian government will not discuss its draft bill on a proposed total ban on crypto in the winte...

Nestle, Carrefour Extend Blockchain Tracking Effort to Baby Milk

2019-11-15 22:36:18

Nestle and Carrefour are using IBM's Food Trust blockchain platform to track organic baby milk products "from dairy to shelf."

Department of Homeland Security Awards $200K to Develop Blockchain Security Tech

2019-11-15 22:18:08

A Virginia firm has received a $200,000 DHS award to develop a blockchain-based system for managing ...

Ukrainian Railways Branch Caught Mining Crypto With State Power

2019-11-15 21:45:28

The Lviv branch of Ukrainian Railways has been caught red-handed diverting company electricity to mine bitcoin.

Carrefour, Nestlé Use IBM’s Blockchain Platform to Track Infant Formula

2019-11-15 21:09:12

Carrefour and Nestlé have deployed IBM’s Food Trust blockchain platform to track the supply chain o...

JPMorgan Automates Derivatives Margin Payments With Blockchain Tech

2019-11-15 21:02:28

JPMorgan has developed a new blockchain-based solution designed to speed up cash and collateral tran...

Hong Kong’s New Criteria on Crypto Exchanges Actually Isn't Important

2019-11-15 20:45:26

Experts discuss whether Hong Kong’s new framework for crypto exchanges will actually have a positive...

Chinese VeChain Tea Traceability Platform Gets Official Seal of Approval

2019-11-15 20:45:26

VeChain continues its meteoric rise following Chinese government endorsement of a VeChain-based tea ...

Binance Adds Support for Turkish Lira and Bitcoin, XRP, Ether Trading Pairs

2019-11-15 19:37:01

Binance has announced trading pairs for Bitcoin, Ether and XRP with the Turkish lira ahead of CEO Ch...

State-Run Ukranian Railway in Lviv Gets Caught Mining Bitcoin

2019-11-15 19:18:10

A division at a state-owned enterprise of rail transport in Ukraine illegally mined Bitcoin, using t...

Paypal’s Pornhub Snub Pumps Verge (XVG) by 33% on 168% Volume Surge

2019-11-15 18:45:13

Verge (XVG) has seen a 33% price pump and a 168% increase in trade volumes following Paypal’s move t...

Bitcoin Price Back ‘On the Edge’ Says Trader After $8.8K Rejection

2019-11-15 18:36:06

Volatility returns to hourly Bitcoin trading after $9K rejection...

BRICS Nations Ponder Digital Currency to Ease Trade, Reduce USD Reliance

2019-11-15 18:18:02

The BRICS association of major emerging economies has discussed developing a digital currency to facilitate trade between member nations.

Binance CEO: It’ll Be Hard for Nations to Outrun China on Blockchain

2019-11-15 17:45:21

The Chinese President’s endorsement of blockchain will inevitably drive major adoption of cryptocurr...

Samson Mow: Stablecoins Are a ‘Mid-Step Towards Hyperbitcoinization’

2019-11-15 17:18:18

Tether dwarfs other stablecoins but use will stay limited, says Samson Mow...

Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Volatile Ahead of Nov. 15 Hard Fork

2019-11-15 17:01:42

Miners might be playing games with Bitcoin Cash as speculation about intentional manipulation of its...

Tom Lee: Like FAANG Stocks, BTC Will Hit $25K Due to ‘Network Value’

2019-11-15 16:36:21

Permabull Tom Lee believes Bitcoin will grow in value following a similar logic to the Silicon Valle...

What the CFTC Chairman Actually Said About Ether Futures and Ethereum 2.0

2019-11-15 16:18:21

Speaking at CoinDesk's Invest: NYC, Heath Tarbert addressed ethereum futures markets and the move to a proof-of-stake model with Ethereum 2.0.

This Blockchain-Based Social Media Network Is The First Apple Pay Approved DApp

2019-11-15 16:27:33

Pepo is the first DApp allowed to offer Apple Pay payments, says founder Jason Goldberg...

Institutional Investors Want These 3 Things Before Jumping Into Crypto

2019-11-15 14:18:16

Institutional investors are closer than ever to embracing crypto...