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币管家 the full name of the block chain asset platform, Butler coin, is called BC (total 200 million and never added). BC is a decentralized block chain digital asset based on Ethereum. It is based on the ERC 20 standard token, of which 100 million BC platform lock deadlines are tentatively designated as 1~3, 30 million in first years and 3500 in second years. In third years, 35 million pieces were released in third. Repurchase was destroyed every Sunday from June 24th. If the amount of the 100 million circulation currencies in the market was destroyed to 50 million in one year, the first year's lock volume was gradually released in advance to meet the market demand as the BC transaction, and the final total of 100 million markets was retained as the market. Total flux.

管家币BC as a result币管家 the full function bonus points of the platform will share the platform's daily transaction fee profit 80% to the BC users, except for the 100 million pieces of the platform lock, and the previous series of activities are given 7 million 500 thousand. From May 3, 2018 to May 9th, the initial price of each 0.3CNY is 60 million, and the 32 million 500 thousand BC share of the platform is attached to the platform. The lock will not be released into the trading market until September 19th.

Dividend rules: regular dividends every Monday to Saturday, 1000 BC users with a single account and 80% regular dividends per day; a Sunday bonus distribution: 25% bonus funds used for repurchase destruction, 60% for voluntary lock holders, and 15% cents per Sunday for weekly transactions The first 20 BC trading awards.

币管家 platform uphold the principle of openness and transparency, the relevant data are open and transparent publicity, welcome to supervise at any time!

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